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Johannes Funke, PRODUCER

The filmproducer is the constantly driving force behind each element of making a motion picture, television drama or commercial film. Therefore he or she is the one receiving the award for best picture. In concert with the director, cinematographer and all other creative departments of the picture he will envision the scenes and dialogue from the screenplay, written by a talented writer. His decisions on cast and final cut are subject of a movie's success or failure. It is the enthusiasm of the producer that can maneuver a whole cast & crew through the heavy sea of filmmaking. Always respecting each single talent on the set, being a family for a designated time.

Dreambeliever Pictures lives that spirit and is a strong supporter for a respectful work environment and equal pay conditions. Dreambeliever Pictures conducts a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against any kind of harassment or misbehaviour.


We are constantly looking for writers to build up a creative pool for our productions. Click on the headline and we can get in touch. Please do not send any unsolicited material. We won't read it.


We develop and produce motion pictures for domestic and international release and focus on audience oriented genre pictures. Click on the headline and we can see if we can team up with you.


We develop and produce high-end television drama. We focus on high-value packaging of new concepts intended for pitching them to the broadcaster. Let's get in touch.


We are using our deep understanding in storytelling to produce corporate and commercial films for our clients. Feel free to ask for a free quote. But first, let's talk. Just click.